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Solutions for healthy lands and water

Solutions For Environmental And Land Remediation

Remediation is the reversing or stopping of environmental damage to soils, waters, air, or building materials. This can involve various remediation options for client consideration on a site-specific basis depending upon contaminant type(s), concentrations, regulatory cleanup standards, local geology and groundwater conditions, access to utilities, property transaction deadlines, planned use or re-use of building or property, available time, and financial stability of the client.

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Upon completion of Site Investigation or Groundwater Assessment Report(s) that has identified the contaminants of concern (COCs) and defined the extend of soil, soil vapor, and/or groundwater contamination limits, GEOTHINK reviews prior data and prepares several remediation solutions and their associated budget costs and limitations. Options may include on-site treatment and encapsulation beneath engineered barriers, on-site soil vapor extraction, on-site groundwater treatment...

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GEOTHINK recently celebrated its fifth year in business providing professional environmental and natural resource consulting and contracting services in the Chicagoland region. GEOTHINK offers our Clients solutions to achieving sustainable healthy lands and waters which improves the value of these properties and reduces business risk and regulatory compliance liability. Our goal is to assist Clients by providing practical and effective solutions to comply with numerous regulations and permits that challenge property redevelopment.

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Compliance Permitting Remediation Restoration Land History

Our staff leadership is provided by senior professional geologist and wetland scientist Mr. Thomas Mangan (34+ years of experience) along with other capable staff and qualified contractors that can assist and guide Clients (financial, manufacturers, developers, attorneys, municipalities, county, petroleum producers and pipelines, school districts, and real estate management companies) on how to identify, manage and/or mitigate business environmental liability risk associated with land holdings, business operations, and/or land redevelopment construction. Amongst these GEOTHINK offers many services.

  1. Phase I and II Evironmental Site Assessments
  2. Brownfield Redevelopment Evaluations
  3. Site Contamination Investigations
  4. Remediation System Design/Operation
  5. Land History Surveys
  6. Wetland Delineations

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We employ methods and tools to supply timely, relevant and site specific information about the land use history and business operations for agricultural, residential, commercial, and/or industrial property going back to the late 1800s. A historical determination of the ecological and natural resource land history of the subject property can be done by researching the Public Land Survey System records from the US Government surveys conducted in the Mid-West region in the 1820s to 1840s, based upon the township, range and section location of subject property by state. This information can be used in restoration plans to attempt to restore former ecological communities and landscapes.

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